Call for works – “Frontiers and boundaries”
Deadline Feb. 15th 2018

They may serve as boundaries, figure an obstacle to be overcome or not. Often conventional or legal, why do they exist? Others are natural, how to avoid them, and can we always do it? They outline the borders of territories, but does that make these territories separate? Frontiers are also endpoints, termina implying an impossibility, an inevitability, but can we also think of them as departure points? So many paths to be found through electroacoustic works, as sound capsules from 3 to 5 minutes, based on one’s representations, interpretations, choices, free readings of this topic. These sound capsules might also be aired on the Marché des Douves’ webradio. If you’re interested with this idea, please send us your proposals, mono or stereo, wav/aiff, via WeTransfer or similar to

Please enclose this form signed :
Download call and form

Call for binaural works 2017-2018

On December 16th, 2017 in Bordeaux, Octandre and Stereotop will offer a headphones listening session to a completely novice audience, free to come and go between 11 am and 1 pm.

For this, we would like to have binaural work allowing to put forward an interest specific to headphones listening in some electroacoustic works. Works should ideally last at most 7 minutes to keep things easy enough for novice listeners, but longer works may be considered.

Please send your works to until December 3rd, 2017, with the form (page 2) filled out and signed (please avoid, for the biography, referring to prizes and distinctions, in which novice listeners will not have much interest).

Since this is not an event or concert, but an entirely free pedagogical proposal for the discovery of electroacoustic music in an informal setting, with the Ideas Box at Marché des Douves, no royalties shall be paid for this session.

Call for short duration works

Association Halle des Douves, a gathering of associations based in Bordeaux, launches in 2017 Radio Douves, a webradio airing continuously in the Marché des Douves in Bordeaux, and available for online listening.

Association Octandre, member of the Halle des Douves, wishes to include electroacoustic « capsules » meant to appear randomly in the continuous programming of the webradio, to introduce electroacoustic music to people who would not seek it out. We wish to create capsules from electroacoustic works of all genres, but with short durations, to ease its discovery by new audiences.

If you’re interested with this idea, please send us your proposals with a maximum duration of 3-4 minutes, mono or stereo, mp3 format (mandatory for airing on this webradio), to

Please enclose this document signed.