this is not the presentation of a work by Edgar Varèse…

Octandre is a composers’ organization, founded in 1990 by the composition students of the conservatory of Bordeaux and their teacher Christian Eloy.

They were eight at first, determined, with varied musical backgrounds, they represented and carried perfectly this new language, this new sound art in the continuation of a schaefferian tradition of musique concrète.

Octandre’s aims were clearly stated from that time: the creation, promotion and diffusion of electroacoustic music in Aquitaine and beyond; these ambitions were confirmed and reaffirmed through the years, as two years later Octandre had already organized a dozen concerts, asserting itself as an important structure for young composers and ensembles in Bordeaux.

In 27 years of activities, through majors changes, like the change from analogical to digital, numerous collaborations and partnerships were created, some of which gave rise to new organizations such as the SCRIME with the Université de Bordeaux.

Octandre’s choice to seek out shared expériences, to address a specialist audience as well as completely novice listeners, brought it to various domains, such as teaching and pedagogy, research, radiophony, theater, improvisation, image, communication, multimedia, etc.

As the founder and first president of Octandre, I can only be proud of this very positive outcome, and rejoice about the vitality and new ambitions of this beautiful organization, which completely justify the work and efforts through years of musical creation with young composers.

Christian Eloy, founder and honorary member of Octandre